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To Sell Your Know-how as a Premium Service

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Learn How to Package Your Knowledge as a High-Ticket Offer!

The Giant Experience® Online Master Training Course +2 Full
Days of LIVE Accelerated Coaching Sessions with Mia on Zoom (16-Hours)

Does this sound like YOU?

  • You want to understand how to change your one-to-one models to serve more clients in group programs?

  • You possess a wealth of knowledge, and you have the ability to create results for others and want to understand how to monetize that?

  • You have a desire to build, launch, and scale your business but aren't sure of the best approach?

  • You want to understand how to design a premium-priced coaching , consulting or online education offers?

  • You want to learn how to position your marketing message to attract the right audience of investors?

  • You want to understand how to build your online and offline offers without "hustle and grind"?

  • You want to understand the best way for you to sell online or offline with a turn-key system that isn't salesy?

  • You want to understand how you can increase your prices to premium fees?

  • You want to learn how to build a business that gives you greater freedom so you can also enjoy your life?

  • You want a truthful mentor that has a proven track record of success? A mentor who can show you tons of REAL examples of client success.

Our Giant Experience Online Master Digital Training program is a proven formula that will help you in transforming your knowledge and expertise into a high-demand and high-ticket service, by teaching you how to package, price, position and find buyers for your product or service.

Introducing...The Giant Experience® Online Master Training Course + 2 Days of LIVE Accelerated Coaching with Mia on Zoom (16-hours)

With a step-by-step process and power packed online digital training, you'll learn the exact methods to:
  • Package and price your services.

  • Attract the right clients who value the results you provide.

  • Stand in your value and create a profitable business that over-delivers without over-giving.

  • Build a profitable business foundation in just 45 days.

Our program has already helped thousands of high-value women just like you to generate greater profits and build successful businesses, and our proven system includes valuable bonuses - an implementation and accountability workbook, bonus training on protecting your intellectual property, a revealing client panel, and recordings for future reference.

Plus, you'll be able to choose your preferred date for the LIVE Accelerated Coaching Session via Zoom.

You will have the opportunity to get your questions answered directly by Mia and learn as she teaches how to put together your high-valued packages leveraging your knowledge. Imagine have both the online training and getting access to get your direct questionsanswered with Mia in real time.

Here's What's Included:

Module 1: Package Your Services At The Highest Level

  • Say goodbye to outdated models that hold you back from serving at your highest level.

  • Discover how to package your knowledge to attract the right audience who values the results you provide and are willing to invest in themselves.

  • You will learn how to shift your own understanding of what your audience desires from you. You will learn how to lead from the front in yourbusiness and organization.

Module 2: Price Your Transformation Step by Step Process

  • The days of trading time for dollars or google searching the market to figure out your prices are gone. I will teach you the exact process I use to support my clients with standing in their value. You will start building a profitable business that over-delivers without over-giving. It's time to earn your worth.

  • You will learn elevated ways to charge for your services based on the impact that you create. This training will be a game-changer for you.

Module 3: Position Yourself As The Obvious Choice

  • If you want to attract the right audience, you must know how to market the right message to the right people. Have you ever considered that less is more?

  • You will learn new ways to immediately get a new audience in front of you. You will not need more complicated funnels, time-consuming launches, blogs, podcasts, and ineffective live-streaming.

Module 4: Find Buyers in Any Market

  • I'll show you how to get the right audience to ask you for the sale. I will share the exact systems I use to build my client base from zero to thousands. It's simple, it works, and it's systematic.

  • I'll even teach you how to create a sales script and process for your business.

What Some Amazing Giant Experience
Training Graduates Are Saying

See what Michelle, Yahya & Lisa had to say about us

“Blown Away”

"It's not even been 24 hours since the conference ended and a client that I'm working with just asked about how she can book a year-long coaching contract and I put a number out there at 15K and that might be four contracts by tonight! I'm blown away!"

- Michelle, Business Consultant

“Sold a new $20,000 course within 24 hours”

"I was able to come up with a $20,000 course within 24
hours… As Mia, of course, challenged me to make the offer public right then and there, the first person who reached out about the offer, closed."

- Yahya, Feminity Coach

“Learned how to Package all of my education”

"What has changed for me is with all of the education, all
of the training and workshops and private coaching that I’ve had, what I didn’t have is a real understanding of how I could package these things, price them and promote them and now with Mia I have that."

- Lisa, Divorce Coach

Who is this for?

This works for you,

no matter what profession you're in

Let Me Show You How to Turn this Challenge

into an Opportunity

Most highly talented women with great ability to create amazing results for others often find themselves struggling with how to effectively package, price, market, and sell their expertise. If you feel overwhelmed and uncertain about the best way to leverage your skills and knowledge...

...YOU are not alone.

Many smart and sharp women, like you, face this challenge. You possess incredible talents and potential but lack the guidance and know-how to turn that expertise into a profitable business. It can be frustrating and disheartening to have so much to offer but to struggle to attract the right clients and command the prices you deserve.

Most of the advice you are getting is too generic for you because of your specialized skills, education, expertise and proven track record of success. When you are exceptionally talented it
can be confusing to decide which direction to start because you can see how you can serve in many different ways.

Hello, my name is Mia Redrick

I have met with and helped thousands of incredibly talented women just like YOU

to leverage what they know, and turn their expertise into a profitable, high-demand

consulting, coaching or content creation business!

For the last 20 years, I have been working from home, and I have been able to turn my business into a time-rich model where I work only 31 hours a month, travel the world with my family (husband and 3 children).

I have since been signed to Emmy nominated television shows and closed multiple deals with Fortune 100 & 500 Brands. Everything I teach my clients, I have done personally and can back up with proof!

Before I become a coach, I was a corporate trainer for a Fortune 10 company, and that's where I learned the art of instructional design and licensing content.

Since starting my brand, I have successfully created a movement that has since touched over 1 million moms around the globe.

I decided to build a consulting business for smart, sharp women who have the ability to create results for others but are not sure how to package, price, market and sell what they know how to do. I leverage my experience and expertise to show you the way forward. I have an unbeatable track record for supporting action-takers and implementers. My clients have earned multi-millions.

Since then, I have been featured in winning nationally syndicated shows on Fox, ABC, NBC and CBS. Additionally, I'm a best selling author, in-demand consultant for Fortune 500 companies and top coach to thousands of professional women supporting them with building incredible brands. I have the ability to change your life from a tiring career to a thriving high-ticket business.

Ready? Join The Giant Experience Master Online Training Course and let's co-create together!



Results don't lie, here's more proof of our happy customers

What others say about working with me

"4 Hours of proven client results"

Watch this testimonial reel and listen to what Mia's clients say about working with her.


In your quest to package, price, market, and sell your expertise, you may have come across various solutions that promised to show you exactly what to do. However, they all fail to address the core challenges that smart, sharp and highly talented women like you face.

  • Many online courses have a cookie-cutter approach: They offer generic strategies that lack the personalized guidance needed to navigate the unique complexities of your business, industry and your amazing background.

  • There is overwhelming information overload: The abundance of free resources and online courses can leave you feeling overwhelmed and confused, making it difficult to know which steps to take and how to apply them effectively. The truth is most of this free and low fee guidance isn't meant to support six-figure+ success.

  • Lack of mentorship and support: Without the guidance of a mentor who understands your specific needs as a thought-leader, high-achiever and uber talented professional, it can be difficult to gain the clarity and confidence necessary to move forward. Your background is so different from so many and needs to be leveraged.

  • Ineffective marketing strategies: While some solutions may provide marketing tactics, they often miss the mark when it comes to helping you attract the right audience, position yourself as the expert, and effectively communicate the value of your offerings.

  • Limited focus on sales and pricing: Pricing your services and selling them at the right value is a crucial aspect of building a successful business, yet many solutions fail to provide the necessary tools and strategies to confidently navigate this critical area. Most highly skilled women are undervaluing their services.

  • Inexperienced guidance and mentors that do not have a proven track record of success. We have supported thousands of women over the last twenty years and can share hundreds of client results in the testimonial section.

But What If...

  • You could package and price your services at the highest level?

  • You could stand in your value and create a profitable business?

Say goodbye to outdated models that hold you back from serving at your highest potential.

Learn how to package your knowledge and expertise in a way that attracts the right audience, and gain the confidence to set premium prices that reflect the value you provide and build a profitable business foundation.

Gone are the days of over-giving and undercharging.

Learn how to confidently stand in your value and create a thriving business that delivers exceptional results without depleting your energy and resources. Discover the art of balancing profitability & impact, and empower yourself to achieve long-term success.

  • You could attract the right clients who value your results?

  • You could build a profitable business foundation in just 45 days?

Quit struggling to find clients or settling for those who undervalue your services.

Get proven methods that will teach you how to position yourself as the
go-to expert in your industry & attract clients who genuinely appreciate the transformational results you offer.

Get the essential tools and strategies to build a solid business foundation in just 45 days.

Find a step-by-step guidance, actionable insights, and real-world examples that will accelerate your progress and set you up for sustainable growth.

About The BONUS 2 Full Days of LIVE Accelerated Coaching with Mia on Zoom (16-hours)

Where: Zoom, allowing you to participate from the comfort of your own home or office.

When:You can choose your preferred date on the course portal once you get access.

Why: As a bonus to the recorded online trainng course the purpose of this LIVE Accerelated coaching call with Mia is to provide you with the answers to your specific questions about how to package your expertise at the highest level, price your transformational services effectively, position yourself as the obvious choice in your market and find buyers.

We provide you with both the online curriculum as well as direct access to your mentor to support deeper learning and implementation.

How: Here's a brief general summary of some of the topics for your 2-day experience during your LIVE coaching

  • Packaging What You Know at The Highest Level.

    Learn how to attract the right audience by packaging your expertise in ways that deliver the desired results.

  • Price Your Transformation - Step by Step Process.

    Discover elevated ways to charge for your services and create maximum results.

  • Position Yourself As The Obvious Choice.

    Master the art of marketing the correct message to the right people.

  • Client Panel Presentation

  • Live Presentation - How to Sell Online.

    Learn effective techniques and strategies for selling your products or services online.

  • Finding Buyers in Any Market.

    Discover systems and methods to attract the right audience who are actively seeking to work with you.

  • Closing Circle.

    Experience a profound session of sharing, where you'll connect with the community and gain valuable insights.

PLUS a LIVE Group Accelerated Coaching Day with Mia on Zoom (16-hours). Once you register, you can select from a number of dates that work for you.


  • A process to sell high-ticket products and services online or offline.

  • An Implementation and Accountability Workbook Guide will give you a Roadmap. You will Build out Your System In Real Time As You Learn with Me.

  • A Revealing Client Panel so you can see real-world guidance in action.

  • Plus, you’ll be able to re-watch and rewind the recordings from home because we are 100% Online

  • A live bonus training that will support you in protecting your Intellectual Property

Numbers Don't Lie


of the participants said this class taught them how to sell a high-ticket service.


have created a product valued between

$2500 - $100.000.


were able to launch their business concept from scratch.

Just Listen To What Some Of Our Clients Say....

"I Got My Questions Answered.”

Hit 6-figures within 9 weeks applying what I learned at The Giant Experience Master Training

-- Diana, Business Coach & Consulting

“I Learned To Stand In My Value.”

Closed 24K within a few weeks of attending The Giant Experience Master Training

-- Connie, Consultant

“I Applied What I Learned!”

Closed 3 Coaching Contracts After the Event | The Giant Experience

-- Cassandra, Business Coach

"Closed My First Deal.”

Closed my First Contract after Mia's live Giant Experience Training

-- Terri, Consultant

“Learned to Structure My High-Ticket Offer.”

Closed First High-Ticket sale with a retainer contract after The Giant Experience Master Training

-- Kathy, Consultant

“Made My First Sale Within Days”

Closed First Sale Within One Week of attending The Giant Experience Live in Baltimore

-- Sharonda, Life Coach

"Learned Time-Rich Models Instead of Trading Time.”

Learned how to build her practice one to many insteading of trading time for dollars and limiting her income

-- Baneca, Consultant

“Learned How To Monetize Multiple Degrees”

The monetization models opened Lisa's eyes to leveraging her significant background and education into high-ticket consulting The
Giant Experience Master Training

-- Lisa, Divorce Coach

“Applied The Sale Script to Sell High-Ticket”

Learned to close with Mia's turn-key sales script

-- Evelyn, Celebrity Chef

"Learned How To Close A Six-Figure Contract ”

Closed first six-figure contract within a few weeks of attending the Giant Experience Training

-- Stacey, Consultant

“Learned That Monetization Can Happen Quickly”

Closed first high-ticket contracts within days of attending the Giant Experience Master Training

-- Michelle, Coach & Consultant

“Learned to Package My Expertise and Education for High-Ticket”

Discovered the missing pieces to charge high ticket for exceptional services.

-- Rassheedah, Consultant

"Discovered What My Product/Service Could Be”

I learned so much from the other women at the Giant Experience Training

-- Sheila, Consultant

“Created My First Training Program and Webinar from Scratch”

I created my very own high-ticket system with Mia's mentorship.

-- Heide, Coach & Consultant

“Wanted to Escape The Cycle of Trading Time for Dollars”

Learned to stand in my value and to stop selling time only in my practice.

-- Keena, Consultant

"She Gives You Everything She Has”

Clarity was on point with Mia's Coaching. I know understand what I offer.

-- Davina, Consultant

“I Followed Mia's Template Word for Word”

I closed for high-ticket following the step by step system.

-- Reba, Coach

"I Shifted My Thoughts About The Value of My Gifts”

I learned that there is value in who I am now. Knowing that what I have right now is enough

-- Michelle, Consultant


Sign up now and start training. You receive instant access online to

the GIANT Experience® Online Master Digital Training where you will:

  • Join the 2 Full Days of LIVE Accelerated Coaching Sessions with Mia via Zoom on your preferred day ($25000 value)

  • The models, structure, and process to package your knowledge (even if you are not sure what your offer is yet). ($4997 value)

  • Aside from cutting-edge training, you get access to my methodology and process to sell high-ticket products and services online or offline. ($4997 value)

  • How to sell authentically, pitch, close and sell to individuals, businesses, and corporate buyers. ($2497 value)

  • How to market and create a message to attract clients who can pay you for the results and transformations you provide. ($2497 value)

  • How to set up a simple funnel with less than 4 steps to get clients to come to you. ($1997 value)

  • A better way to offer services like coaching, consulting and online courses as high-ticket offers.

    ($1997 value)

  • Bonus video training that will support you in protecting your intellectual property. ($1997 value)

  • An Implementation and Accountability Workbook Guide that will give you a roadmap. You will build out your system in real time as you will learn with me while watching the training. ($997 value)

  • Plus, you’ll be able to re-watch and rewind the recordings from home because we are 100% Online. (Priceless)

Total Value


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Today's Price

The Giant Experience Online Digital Master Training plus LIVE Accelerated Coaching Sessions with Mia on Zoom for Only $2497.


Leverage What You Know

and Build a Profitable

Business You Love!

Say goodbye to exchanging time for dollars and hello to a time-rich business model that helps you do what you love and serve high-ticket clients with ease and grace!