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Sign up now and start training. You receive instant access online to The GIANT Experience® Online Master Training where you will:

  • 6-Month Curriculum License: Dive into the extensive GIANT Experience® curriculum with a 6-month license.

  • Exclusive LIVE Coaching Sessions: Attend two days of LIVE Accelerated Coaching with Mia on Zoom. Get personalized answers to all your questions. Valued at $25,000.

  • Expertly Crafted Modules: Learn the models, structures, and processes for packaging your knowledge – even if you're unsure of your offer yet. Valued at $4,997.

  • High-Ticket Sales Methodology: Access our unique approach to selling high-ticket products and services online or offline. Valued at $4,997.

  • Effective Marketing Strategies: Discover how to create compelling messages that attract high-paying clients. Valued at $2,497.

  • Authentic Selling Techniques: Learn how to genuinely pitch, close, and sell to various types of clients, including a deep dive into corporate sales. Valued at$2,497.

  • Revolutionize Your Service Offerings: Understand how to present coaching, consulting, and online courses as premium services. Value: $1,997.

  • Bonus Intellectual Property Training: Receive bonus video training to help you protect your intellectual property. Valued at $1,997.

  • Simple Client Funnel Creation: Master a straightforward funnel process that brings clients directly to you. Worth $1,997.

  • Implementation Workbook: Get a step-by-step guide with our Implementation and Accountability Workbook to apply what you learn in real-time. Valued at $997.

  • Unlimited Replay Access: Enjoy the flexibility to re-watch and rewind all training sessions at your convenience. Priceless.

Total Program Value: $46,976

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The Giant Experience® goes beyond traditional online courses. We offer a personalized approach tailored to your unique background, ensuring that you receive the mentorship and strategies you need to succeed.

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Master Training Online with 2-Days of Live Accelerated Coaching with Mia Redrick on Zoom.

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Closed 3 Coaching Contracts After the Event | The Giant Experience

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The monetization models opened Lisa's eyes to leveraging her significant background and education into high-ticket consulting The
Giant Experience Master Training

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Learned to close with Mia's turn-key sales script

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Closed first six-figure contract within a few weeks of attending the Giant Experience Training

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