You are almost there. We are excited to see you in Baltimore on June 2nd, 3rd & 4th for the In-Person Event.


Learn How To Build Your 6-Figure+ Business as a Coach, Consultant, Author or Speaker in Just 3 Days Leveraging What You Know.

THE #1 LIVE GIANT MASTERMIND That Supports Smart, Sharp Women With Owning Their Value

Join the ONLY 3-Day Live in Person Mastermind & Mentorship in Baltimore that has taught thousands of female entrepreneurs to sell their knowledge for high-ticket, to stand in and own their value so that they can attract their ideal clients seeking transformation.

  • Learn how to confidently sell your knowledge for high-ticket
  • Learn how to package a premium offer that your audience wants to purchase quickly
  • Shift your mindset about your own value and the transformation that you provide
  • Learn how to market without the hustle and hype but instead with authenticity, ease and grace
  • Learn how to structure your easy to build systematic sales process (only 4 steps required)
  • Learn how to have a sales conversation that converts 30% or more predictably
  • Learn how to make your marketing magnetic
  • And, so much more

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Here’s what you get

  • A 3-Day Live, Laser Coaching + Hotseat Training in Baltimore that will allow you to build your high-ticket offer over the weekend. *Includes lunch and a fun Friday night soiree to meet other women your ambition level and above ($12,500 Value)
  • 3 hour group pre-coaching call before the Live Event to help you maximize and identify how to best leverage the expertise, education and experience you want to package ($7997 Value)
  • Immediate Access to 10+ hours of The Giant Experience Master Training Online Foundations Course that has supported thousands of women to package, price, position and find buyers for their high-ticket services ($2497 Value)
  • Workbook, Templates, Business Tools, Sales Scripting, Pitch and Live Stream Structure Development that you can use to Scale your Business post event ($1997 Value)
  • The 6-figure Business Model Virtual Class help you build a business that will give you time and financial freedom while serving with ease and grace ($997 Value)

Total Value: $25,988

You pay: less than 58% of the total value!

Limited spots available!

One Time Investment of $4747!

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Satisfaction Guarantee

We are sure you'll love The Giant Experience® Master Training Live in Baltimore . However, if you consider this event wasn't for you or that you didn't get value after watching 100% of the training, attending 100% of the live accelerated coaching sessions with Mia in Baltimore, and completing 100% of all of the Implementation & Accountability Guide assignments, you can request a full refund within 24 hours after the live event.

Recap of What's Included In the Live MasterMind In Baltimore June 2nd-4th

A practical outline so you come out with everything you need to start a 6-figure business!

Day 1

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

  • You will learn how to package your unique expertise and Niche into an irresistible premium offer that sells quickly.
  • You will learn how to price and value your premium offer
  • Learn how to build and incorporate one to many models with your premium services
  • Shift your mindset around your value and the transformation that you provide.
  • Lunch
  • Girl's Soiree night out Reception to meet other women your ambition level and above
  • Workbook/Guides/ Templates/ Script
  • Daily Hotseats/Laser Coaching
  • 3-Hour Pre-Event Group Coaching Call
  • Instant Access to The Giant Experience Online Foundation Digital Course 10+ Hour Training
  • 6-Figure Business Model Virtual Training

Day 2

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

  • Learn how to position your marketing to attract ideal investors
  • Learn how to leverage print and television media to market your brand and position your authority
  • Learn an easy 4-step funnel that will systematically bring in leads and sales
  • Learn to clearly communicate who you are and what you do so that you ideal clients raise their hands to work with you.
  • Lunch

Day 3

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

  • Learn time-rich models to implement in your business instead of trading time for dollars
  • Learn how to build your sales machine and how to sell using my turn-key sales script and process
  • Learn the essentials of hiring your lean team to get more accomplished in your business with less headaches
  • Learn the important matters of cyber security, copyrights and intellectual property to protect your ideas.
  • Brunch

Results don't lie, here's more proof of our happy customers

What others are saying about us

“4 Hours Of Proven Client Results”

Watch this testimonial reel and listen to what Mia's clients say about working with her.

What others are saying about us

Here is what our clients say.

"I Got My Questions Answered.”

hit 6-figures within 9 weeks applying what I learned at The Giant Experience Master Training

-- Diana, Business Coach & Consulting

“I Learned To Stand In My Value.”

Closed 24K within a few weeks of attending The Giant Experience Master Training

-- Connie, Consultant

“I Applied What I Learned!”

Closed 3 Coaching Contracts After the Event | The Giant Experience

-- Cassandra, Business Coach

"Closed My First Deal.”

Closed my First Contract after Mia's live Giant Experience Training

-- Terri, Consultant

“Learned to Structure My High-Ticket Offer.”

Closed First High-Ticket sale with a retainer contract after The Giant Experience Master Training

-- Kathy, Consultant

“Made My First Sale Within Days”

Closed First Sale Within One Week of attending The Giant Experience Live in Baltimore

-- Sharonda, Life Coach

"Learned Time-Rich Models Instead of Trading Time.”

Learned how to build her practice one to many insteading of trading time Giant Experience Training

--Baneca, Consultant

“Learned How To Monetize her Multiple Degrees”

The monetization models opened Lisa's eyes to leveraging her significant background and education into high-ticket consulting The Giant Experience Master Training

-- Lisa, Divorce Coach

“Applied The Sale Script to Sell High-Ticket”

Learned to close with Mia's turn-key sales script

-- Evelyn, Celebrity Chef

"Learned Time-Rich Models Instead of Trading Time.”

Closed first six-figure contract within a few weeks of attending the Giant Experience Training

--Stacey, Consultant

“Learned That Monetization Can Happen Quickly”

Closed first high-ticket contracts within days of attending the Giant Experience Master Training

-- Michelle, Coach & Consultant

“Learned to Package My Expertise and Education for High-Ticket”

Discovered the missing pieces to charge high ticket for exceptional services.

-- Rassheedah, Consultant